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Indiana is one of many states throughout the country that offers marriage equality, in terms of gay and lesbian relationships.Gay and lesbian rights have been the focus of many debates throughout the state, with unwavering support for the LGBT community.

Home sales in certain areas of the state reflect a resurgence of economic growth.

This is, in part, due to the acceptance of the state to embrace members of the LGBT community.

If you're looking for an LGBT-friendly community in Indiana, consider the following towns during your real estate search: Indianapolis is a popular destination for many supporters of the LGBT community.

There are many night clubs, groups and organizations geared toward gays, lesbians and transgender individuals.

Because of the diversity of the Indiana University student body, the community is very accepting of individuals who have their own unique lifestyle or perspective.

The Advocate has listed Bloomington, Indiana as the fourth gayest city in the United States.

Carmel is just one of many Indiana communities that have taken steps to protect the rights of the LGBT community.

The state capital is also one of the main destinations for individuals who are interested in making a difference when it comes to legislation concerning LGBT rights and state-funded programs.

Indianapolis has many gay and lesbian realtors who work diligently to help find homes for members of the LGBT community.

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