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John Mc Laim Airdate: Director: Arnold Laven Writer: Barry Oringer After Virdon is seriously injured in an escape from gorilla soldiers, Galen enlists the reluctant aid of a chimpanzee surgeon who was once his sweetheart.


Eddie Fontaine Airdate: Director: Arnold Laven Writer: Edward J.

Lenski Galen and the astronauts seek shelter at the farm of a peasant ape whose son believes that the humans have put a curse on their one precious possession--a cow.

Mickey Leclair Airdate: Oct 1974 Director: Don Weis Writer: Robert W.

Airdate: Director: Don Weis Writer: Art Wallace Hurled eons into the future by a time warp, two astronauts become fugitives from a race of intelligent apes that have come to control Earth.

Cast Galen: Roddy Mc Dowall (continuing his movie role) Virdon: Ron Harper Burke: James Naughton Zaius: Booth Colman Urko: Mark Lenard Guest Cast Farrow.........................

Believing that men are violent natured, the simian encourages them to participate in grisly sports similar to those of Ancient Rome.

William Beckley Airdate: 20 Sept 1974 Director: Don Mc Dougall Writer: Art Wallace The astronauts are captured in a village of humans ruled by an ape.

If they can elude gorilla pursuers long enough to repair the ancient projector, the film will tell them why their world was destroyed.

Jacqueline Scott Airedate: Director: Bernard Mc Eveety Writer: Robert Hamner In a ruined city, the astronauts find a filmed message from scientists of their own era.

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