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"For everyone else in the cast, it was just the start of a week, but for me it was a dream come true," Rannells recalled over coffee in a Chelsea café just a few days after his Hedwig casting was announced.

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They are seen talking about who is going to be the biological father for the baby and they then end up using David's sperm.

They are seen talking with Goldie about why she would become a surrogate for a gay couple and subsequently in the lobby as Goldie gets the sperm and eggs implanted in her.

Andrew Rannells dances in his skimpy silver briefs underwear in this still cap from the R-rated comedy movie, Bachelorette, which was released two weeks ago. One thing we were surprised about is that we ended up liking Ne Ne Leakes.

The Bryan-David Relationship is the romantic relationship between Bryan Collins and David Sawyer. Within real-world social networking circles, the character's relationship is sometimes referred to as Bravid, or Dryan.

As of Bryanzilla , they are engaged, and in episode 22 they get married and have a son called Saywer They are seen talking about having a baby together and then in the park as they look at all the different couples and their kids, with Bryan showing David that abnormal is the new normal.

Finally, David agrees and they start looking for egg donors and a surrogate mother.

The first person that they try didn't get pregnant and was bribing them for stuff.

It’s been receiving mixed reviews (currently at 55% in Rotten Tomatoes) and its not exactly lighting up the box-office so probably the best thing about it is that we’ve got Andrew Rannells stripping to his underwear. We thought we’re gonna dislike her based on the comments we’ve heard/read about her personality but we’re liking her (and her character) so far.

The show’s looking good so far and we hope it will have a long run as a series.

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