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State income tax credits and student loan repayment incentives, plus a free land program are now being offered.Here in the County’s only school district, the schools are well known for their 10-1 student teacher ratio, the same ratio many highly exclusive private schools proudly tout.

Everything cannot be activities, sales, competitions and full speed ahead, so you will also find a tent and island area where you can relax or eat something in peace and quiet.

In short, our event area must ensure that everyone has a fantastic experience.

Our event area is located in the Dana Cup center area close to the halls and Aquatic Center. Adidas adidas Experience Arena with the possibility to try the newest Ace, X and Messi soccer boots, scissor-kick photo-booth with real-life photo of your scissor-kick to share by e-mail or SMS and on social media.

We strive constantly to develop the Dana Cup Hjørring so everyone has a positive experience both on and off the field.

Our event area will contribute considerably to experiences off the field.

In the event area there is also a rich variety of stalls where there is certainly food and inspiration for all visitors.

For those wishing to experience an adrenalin rush, you can visit the Fun Park and Disco area.

Welcome to Greeley County, a western Kansas community looking to the future with technology and healthcare access while holding fast to the community spirit and family values that typify rural life.

Greeley County is home to Tribune, Kansas, and Horace, Kansas, two rural towns located along Kansas Highway 96.

Greeley County is a State of Kansas Rural Opportunity Zone.

This means there are tremendous incentives for newcomers to move to Greeley County.


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