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Complement this plugin with the j Query Time Entry plugin, or combine date and time entry with the j Query Date/Time Entry plugin.

The current version is and is available under the MIT licence.

) I specify the month from 1 to 12 and manually subtract the 1. By default a popup datepicker appears when its input field gains focus. Without any modification, the default date is today.

You can configure an external trigger in addition to or instead of the default. The default date can be set as an absolute date as either a or a string (in the current date format).

Clicking on the trigger toggles the popup open and closed. Or it may be set as a relative value by using a simple number to offset from today's date a given number of days (+5), or a string to specify one or more units and periods ('+1m -1d').

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A j Query plugin that attaches a popup calendar to your input fields or shows an inline calendar for selecting individual dates or date ranges.

For support of other world calendars, and a datepicker that works with them, see the j Query Calendars plugin.

For date entry via a spinner use the j Query Date Entry plugin.

This plugin formed the basis for the j Query UI Datepicker. W3C]; $('#date Format').change(function() { $('#format Picker').val('').datepick('option', {date Format: formats[$(this).val()]}); });, the date as a string in the current date format, a number of days relative to today (+5), or a string to specify one or more units and periods relative to today ('+1m -1d').

It is made available as a separate plugin because the j Query UI version desired simplified functionality. A datepicker can easily be added as a popup to a text field or inline in a division or span with appropriate default settings. 'enable' : 'disable'); }); $('#remove Picker').click(function() { var destroy = $(this).text() === 'Remove'; $(this).text(destroy ? For the last, use 'd' for days, 'w' for weeks, 'm' for months, or 'y' for years.

The popup shows when the field gains focus and is closed by clicking on the $('#default Popup,#default Inline').datepick(); $('.disable Picker').click(function() { var enable = $(this).text() === 'Enable'; $(this).text(enable ? 'Re-attach' : 'Remove'); $('#default Popup,#default Inline').datepick(destroy ? You can set the default date to display when no other is set in the datepicker.

'destroy' : {}); }); constructor expects the year, month, and day as parameters. To make explicit what date is intended (does a month of 3 mean March or April? In addition, you can set this date to be automatically selected.


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