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No matter how many examples they showed at that exhibit at the Met. They fight getting a new pair of shoes until the old ones die, then buy the same shoes in the same color. Maybe it was because Alex and I were talking about James Bond (in the midst of a group of women from the Feminists of America) — and decided that if anyone wanted to make something out of it, we could take them.

Okay, so maybe it was the two martinis, where one is my Absolut limit.

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Cute, with a leather strip and flouncy thing on the bottom.

This is not the first skirt I've bought in the last decade, but this time, I actually wore it. When you wear something feminine, you behave differently (think tilting of the head, tossing of the hair, crossing of the legs), you have more fun, and you want to repeat the experience.

So, when you're off to meet Alex Simmons for a drink at the National Arts Club (scene of the first leg revealing episode), you reach for .

Men are the ones who say, "But you already have a pair of black shoes." When men ask what to wear, they really mean, "Do I HAVE to wear a jacket? Men want it to be easy, comfortable, and brainless.

Besides kilts, there have been caftans, saris, and sarongs, not to mention loincloths (think of them as the first mini-skirts). Designers think so, because it "frees the legs," is "less restricting," and is so "fashion forward." Really? If they can be worn with tights, you don't have the shaved, bruised thing to worry about, but tights can be, well, tight.

Maybe for that hot young model on the runway, but if you're looking for an actual fashion trend for actual men, don't hold your breath. Not a drizzle, not a light shower, but a drenching downpour, and a girl could get her legs wet and ruin her shoes.

It will never happen, and here's why: Last year, I rediscovered my legs. With a skirt, you have to pay attention to these things. And so, with a heavy heart — alas, no longer brave —I abandoned all hope of flounciness and reached for Old Reliable, the black pants suit and black waterproof boots. Go to Read More Plus, you have to consider your legs: Are they shaved?

I bought a jacket — and a matching skirt (I think that's called A Suit). And I remembered why I had stopped wearing skirts in the first place .

Men associate skirts with women: in fact, an American slang term for a woman used to be "a skirt."Personally, I hate the drafts . Excellent website you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article?


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