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On the first of every month, his account would get credited with Rs 9,000.Three months in, he realised that the money was barely enough to cover his rent and basic expenses.

While his obsession with the number seven began when he was named, his peculiar attraction to red and white started as a wacky marketing gimmick and has seen him become a full blown home town celebrity.

Modelling himself on Mahatmar Ghand, who he says is instantly recognisable in pictures wearing his glasses and a white towel, he has become something of a local sensation in his home city of Bangalore, India.

The obsession has become so extreme even toothpaste is only bought in red or white tubes and he and his wife, daughter and son eat from red and white plates, knives and forks - while sitting on red and white seats.

Not school dropout, delivery 'executives' today are educated and, spurred by good money and perks, take these jobs out of choice After Dithil D Kumar finished his mechanical engineering in 2014, he joined a firm as a fresher, for a package of Rs 12,000 per month.

In May, he became a delivery boy with, a food-tech start-up based out of HSR Layout.

Eight months in, he earns Rs 20,000 per month along with petrol allowance and bonus for extra work.

He works eight hours a day out of which only lunch and dinner timings are 'peak' hours.

He also gets to do what he loves while at work - ride his bike.

Dithil D Kumar is one of a burgeoning class of sophisticated, educated delivery boys, who, buoyed by the rise of food-tech start-ups in the city, are taking up these jobs out of choice, and not because they are uneducated or dropouts.

This new squad come dressed in uniform, carrying your food in a hot case, and speaking politely in fluent English. Much of this change is attributed to the change in the way people have started looking at the job.

The reason for this is simple - big money, ease of work and a lot of perks.


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