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This is a complex issue for many dark skinned Latinos.

Some call themselves Afro-Latino (or more specifically Afro-Cuban, Afro-Panamanian, or Afro-Puerto Rican, etc.), which clearly emphasizes their African heritage. Now on forms, there is a "Black (not of Hispanic origin)" box that you can check which I assume is to address this very issue.

However, not all darker skinned Hispanic people like to be referred to as Black.

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It is no wonder though since most images we see of Hispanic people are either the light skinned Ricky Martin & J.

Lo types or the brown-skinned indigenous "Indian" types.

While those are definitely accurate descriptions of many Hispanics, you rarely see dark brown men and women representing Latino beauty in the media.

I think about people like Sammy Sosa (Dominican Republic, baseball player), Celia Cruz(Cuban salsa singer) and Zoe Saldana (Dominican/Puerto Rican actress from NY), just to name a few, who are all Latino but to many Americans are just considered Black.

For others, "Black" simply may not fully represent the full experience of who they feel they are.

This is an excerpt of an interesting article talking about the identity issues that come with being Latino with African ancestry:"Interestingly, efforts to increase awareness regarding Afro-Latino culture and plight can be found on the campuses of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

At Howard University, Nadine Bascombe heads Cimarrones, a 50-member black student union of Caribbean, Central, and South Americans that recently expanded to include a chapter at Benedict College in South Carolina.

I used to be a Spanish teacher and one thing I always found interesting was how my students did not know that you could be Black and Latino/a at the same time.

They did not know that there were any Black Mexicans or that some Puerto Ricans are as dark as some Africans.


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