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Pricing: Digital Distribution Included: i Tunes, Google Music, Amazon On Demand, Amazon Mp3, Rhapsody, Myspace Music, Medianet, 7Digital, Tunetribe, Tuneplay, Spotify, Rdio, Muve Music, We7, i Heart Radio, Sony Qriocity, Simfy, Grooveshark, Deezer, m Flow, Zvooq, AT&T, Wi MP, Nokia, Eircom, e Music, Beatport, Tuneplay, Amalgam Digital, Juno, Track It Down, Audio Jelly, Dance Tunes, Fargo Tube, Basepiont Media, 121 Music, Beezik Pricing information not included on website.

Any musician seriously considering digital distribution is thinking about getting their music on i Tunes.

i Tunes controls between 60-80% of digital music sales, depending on who you ask.

Fortunately, the once impossible task is now possible through several services catering to bands and songwriters.

However, the different pricing models make the decision less than obvious.

With my own first EP release approaching (at a crawl), I scouted out the various options currently available, and am posting them here for your convenience. (If I’m missing an option/service, let me know.) Just a couple things to think about: Here are 7 music services, in alphabetical order (lest you think I have a favorite), that offer bands a way to get their music on i Tunes.

The pricing models and packages are all different, as are the variety of core and ancillary services that each company offers.

In this post, I am only comparing pricing options; you’ll want to do deeper research on your own (and I may write a follow-up post with a deeper dive).

Hopefully, this list will help you make your decision.

There’s also the matter of other retailers, merchandise, selling music from your own site, etc.

What music service(s) or widget(s) do you use to distribute your music digitally?

What do you think is important in a digital music distribution service?


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