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Long-lost images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, President Bill Clinton's mistress Gennifer Flowers and Lauren Hutton among others were found among the papers, photos, slides and letters belonging to Guccione that Jeremy and associates have carefully spent hours sifting through.However, the Kulkens went on to sue Guccione for million in 1985 as well as attempting to block publication - just as Madonna's star was on the ascendent and she had released some of her biggest hits, Holiday, Like A Virgin and Into the Groove and was embarking on her Like a Virgin tour - claiming they had never signed a binding agreement and wanting to publish with Playboy.

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Jeremy Frommer is now putting the Madonna images up for auction on November 9 on and told Mail Online: 'We will also be selling 21 35mm slides, only six have ever been published..craziest thing is that we still don't know who the mystery girl whose hair Madonna's playing with is.

He said: 'Auction houses have been more than willing to auction off Hugh Hefner's memorabilia and to auction off Jeff Koons artwork, yet every single auction house that we approached was afraid and fearful and while the reception we originally got from the people directly involved in the business was general excitement over the material, the stodgy older auction house elite refused to give Bob Guccione the credit he deserves.

Among the images going up for auction are the original pictures of a blonde woman printed in an article in Penthouse in 1980 which claimed the photos - uncovered by a Swedish photographer - were of a young Marilyn Monroe in an untitled, silent six-minutes porn film.

Despite this, Penthouse in its article insisted it was her, writing; 'Here, in grainy celluloid, may well be the still unglamorized sex goddess the public never knew, before plastic surgeons, stylists, and designers transformed her into the mythical Marilyn Monroe.

However, by the time of his death, Guccione was bankrupt, penniless from a string of bad investments and risky ventures.

e rarely leaves "The House," a vast, vine-covered Upper East Side crypt that is the largest private residence in Manhattan.

Confining himself to a modest suite of rooms on the mansion's third floor — a level from which he will sometimes not stir for weeks on end — he sleeps by day and works by night, hunched over a light table in a chaotic, paper-strewn office-garret, poring over slides of naked young women.

Leslie Odom Jr., Jeff Daniels, Gabriel Byrne, Zachary Levi, Reed Birney, Danny Burstein and Alex Brightman cheer progress on the Great White Way relative to Hollywood, but see further room for improvement — "There are no [other] shows for me to do," vents Odom.

"We would go to the Oscars, and I would think, 'I'm here to support him.' I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress, and be seen and not heard...


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