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Gasket 121 Intake Gaskets 99 700HP ( Solid Roller Cam) BBCNASR1 Kit Includes Pair of Complete head Morel 4845 1 Piece 7/16” x .095” Wall Pushrods Straub Hyd Roller Camshaft (Choice of Retro Fit or Stepped Face ) Straub BBC Aluminum Rockers 8 x Intake and 8 Exhaust 1.7 Ratio with Poly Locks 99 BBCNA950K Suggested Intake/Carb Kit Edelbrock 2902 intake with gasket match porting AED950HO Carburetor Straub Billet Aluminum Throttle Bracket Kit Straub Carb stud Kit Straub 12 Point Intake Bolt and Washer Kit Mr.

Gasket 121 Intake Gaskets 99 Upgrade from Needle to Bushing Lifters add 0If you don't think mild camshaft changes cant make a big difference then I guess you don't think 2ths.

in the 1/8 mile is a nice increase along with 3 a smaller cam makes more power....

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Afco Racing Products Spectre Performance Vintage Air, Inc. We will “tune” the valve job and guide clearance per application whether it be street, marine, or off road.

American Powertrain I had customer send in a set of lifters for engineering review. Straub Tech starts with a new pair of bare Pro Maxx castings.

The lifters failed after 3 passes in a SB Ford solid roller application. Customer's customer had bought them at a swap meet where they were sold as Morels. The following pictures will help anyone to identify these imposters. We use REV valves, PAC or Associated Springs, Straub Retainers, Locks, guide plates, locators, and screw in studs. Seats and guides are installed and machined by the Fox. Head gasket surface is finished to accept Cometic head gaskets.

Morel is seeking the source on these and will file charges. Milling up to .030”to get desired compression ratio is included in the cost. You get flow numbers on your actual heads not just a “dumby” sheet.

The axle size on the Morel is much larger than the imposter. This customers customer is out thousands of dollars. Straub/Foxwell BBC Induction Kit These kits are designed to take all the guess work out of what the internet says it takes to make pump gas power for your street car.

Nothing is left of the new Dart block that the imposters were in.

Heads are thoroughly cleaned in our jet wash system.

Springs are pressure rated and batch sorted for a matching set of 16 springs.

Spring heights are set to camshaft requirements for your camshaft.

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