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The Ellen De Generes Show Telepictures Productions 3000 West Alameda Avenue Suite 2700 Burbank, CA 91523 Caryn Weingarten or Eric Gold Mosaic Media Group 9200 Sunset Boulevard 10th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90069 Phone: 310-786-4900 We wish you success and fulfillment in your relationships with Ellen De Generes.

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But behind the comedy is a woman who's had to muster her courage to get where she is today.

Ellen De Generes tells Oprah about her balanced life, her loving wife, and how she intends to take her new job as an American Idol judge very seriously.

Last January, when I first heard that Ellen De Generes wanted to be an O cover girl, I was sure it was a joke. " campaign, and, in between unsuccessful attempts to reach me at the Harpo studios, she unveiled a series of mock O covers, including one on which she and I are riding a tandem bicycle through the countryside.

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Country stars Thompson Square join us to share their new song ' You Make It Look So Good' and talk about having their first child together.

But first, we talk Justin going naked once again, this time on his Hawaiian vacation. Also: stuff we're crushing on: Kylie, The US Olympic Team, and the song from ' Stranger Things' by Echo and The Bunnymen ' Nocturnal!

She's known for her sharp wit and easygoing attitude (and, of course, the sneakers and funky dance moves).

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