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Boys exposed prenatally to a common chemical used in plastics may be more likely to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression at age 10-12.

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Biologists studying a small, colorful fish in the Mediterranean Sea have discovered a new way in which a female can choose the best father for her offspring.

During spawning of the ocellated wrasse, ovarian fluid released with eggs favors sperm from ...

With the help of satellite data, scientists have shown that low-level cloud cover in the tropics thins out as the earth warms.

In a new article, researchers have found that 'cognitive offloading', ...

Brown dwarfs are smaller than stars, but more massive than giant planets.

As such, they provide a natural link between astronomy and planetary science.

However, they also show incredible variation when it comes to size, temperature, chemistry, and more, which makes them difficult to understand, ...

Ancient hieroglyphic texts reveal Mayans made major discovery in math and astronomy, a researcher suggests.

This study blends the study of Mayan hieroglyphics (epigraphy), archaeology and astronomy ...


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  2. Demonstrating to your teen – through your words and actions – that violence is never an acceptable form of behavior is essential to your teen's growth into responsible, level-headed young adults.

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