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The food is funky - expect foie gras and monkfish liver to be on the constantly changing menu at any time. Whether you’re just starting to really get to know someone or you’ve known them for a while, it can never hurt to remind someone that you know where the cool sh*t is.

Lilia is a knockout in every way: stunning space, awesome pastas, fried cacio e pepe, great wine list, soft serve ice cream with sprinkles on top. We would usually tell you that the best place to experience a place like Lilia would be to bring a bunch of people and try everything. Point your date night in the direction of Wildair and we can pretty much guarantee your dinner company will be impressed.

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Either way, here are our favorite spots for general date night excellence.

"Date night" can take many forms, whether you're just getting to know someone or are out for your weekly "WE NEED TO KEEP THIS ALIVE" outing.

It's a tight space that's ideal for close-talking, too.

Why do Australians keep opening cool restaurants in New York? Dante took the space of a famous old Greenwich Village cafe (also called Dante), and turned it into a fun, casual, extremely useful and impressively tasty restaurant.

Points for history, and also points for negronis on tap.

Mimi might be the straight-up sexiest restaurant in New York.

If that makes you picture some rooftop lounge with views of the Empire State Building and shiny leather booths and elevator music in the background, we don't mean that kind of "sexy." Mimi is legitimately sexy, in an actual "let's have sex" way, thanks to a combination of attractive French waiters, tightly packed tables, and a marble bar that turns out ice-cold martinis.

There's also a serious cocktail list, and a tasting menu, if you're into that kind of thing.

Expect interesting ingredients - trout roe, kimchi emulsion, rhubarb jelly - that make the menu fun, but not at all pretentious.

And then sit back, and let the service and the vibe carry the evening. An excellent restaurant that somehow gets overlooked, The Eddy is a perfect date night restaurant, and one your date possibly hasn't been to yet.

Sit at the bar, order pasta and some excellent, well-priced wine.

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