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(Fact: When living together, there will be conflict.) Do you fight fair? Merging expenses raises a number of questions: Are you on the same page financially? When living together, honesty really will be the best policy.

Are you committed to resolving disagreements in a way that both parties are satisfied? Living under the same roof can be an incredible experience.

If you still want to curl up in bed next to your significant other at the end of a cranky, sick, stressful day, making the move might be that next logical step. Do you have a toothbrush and change of clothes at his condo? If he says he’s not interested in marriage, don’t move in as an attempt to secure a diamond ring. Before you move in together, talk about your expectations. A weeklong vacation will have you making decisions together, dealing with finances, unforeseen changes of plan and stress. While living together is hardly a prison sentence, there are certain adjustments one has to make when moving in with someone.

If you get sick of each other easily, sharing the same four walls might feel claustrophobic. If you’re already spending quite a few nights a week together, the transition to cohabitation will seem natural. You have more realistic expectations entering cohabitation when you know that he leaves his socks on the floor, or that she never replaces the toothpaste cap. Before moving in together, make sure you’re on the same page, relationship-wise. Is this considered a trial arrangement, or a (hopefully) permanent situation? Don’t move in together until you’ve had a fight or two. While the notion of living together is romantic, the practical side needs thorough discussion. Are you hoping that you’ll both be home for dinner each night? Be sure to discuss your expectations for routine things like chore-division, too. If you fail to share your hopes and dreams for this next stage of your relationship, you’re likely to end up disappointed. When you’re sunburned and hung-over in an unfamiliar place, do you still enjoy each other’s company? You’re ready to cohabitate when you don’t mind checking in, you can consider someone else when you fill up your calendar, and you’re prepared to share a bathroom sink. If one of you is a night owl — and frequent party host — while the other needs 9 hours of sleep, you’re setting yourselves up for stress. Can you compromise to ensure both of you get what you need?

If you can’t get enough of each other, and find most quirks endearing, you’ll be better prepared for the adventure. You’ve seen the bed hair, experienced the morning breath, observed hygiene and tidiness habits, and understand sleeping patterns. Make sure you’re both heading in the same direction when it comes to commitment. You don’t know how solid a relationship is until it’s been tested. You aren’t giving up your individuality — your partner loves you for who you are and isn’t interested to suffocating you — but you do need to ditch the selfish living. Similar values when it comes to faith, finances and plans for the future help establish a solid foundation for a shared life. Can you discuss this list, sharing your concerns and dreams for the relationship with each other? When you’re upset, are you comfortable being vulnerable and open with your partner?

Good conflict resolution skills are essential when living in close quarters. Money: It can be uncomfortable to talk about, but can contribute to major conflict if the subject is ignored. Note that if one of you struggles with a vice that the other isn’t tolerant of, bitterness and frustration will likely threaten the relationship. Passive-aggressiveness, silent treatments and unspoken expectations only hurt a relationship.

Tinder is adamant about how the feature isn’t group dating, but instead a simple way for eager socialites to make new friends.

A Tinder user that doesn’t want to take part will easily be able to opt out when the feature is rolled out globally.

Rihanna looks stunning in an all-denim ensemble as she gets out of her car on Friday night (July 1) in London, England.

Maybe the idea has been floating around for a while now.

Whether you’ve been together for years or you’re just feeling like he or she is the one, there are a few ways to evaluate whether or not you’re ready for this next step.

Here are 10 ways you know it’s time to move in together: 1. It should go without saying, but if you’re not totally besotted with your partner, merging lives and spaces is going to be a challenge.

When you’re confined to the same place, you’re going to see each other at your bests and worsts. Did you barely survive it, or did you have so much fun that you’d do it again?


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