Dating soldier deployed nicole fiorentino dating

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Dating soldier deployed

She knows how to control herself drinking but who knows.. Do you only hear about cheating girlfriends of deployed boyfriends/husbands because that's the only news anyone wants to hear?

after so much time of me being gone she might drink more than normal one night and maybe some guy will try to get with her and she'll let it happen. (the bad news) Simply, do I have any valid thoughts or worries?

Would I know and be confident that nothing will happen if I 'truly' loved her?

What is the reason do you think this happens most of the time?

Because most military 'kids' get married for the benefits young and then deploy without having 'had' anything with that person in their hearts?

Or is it because the girlfriend may get caught up 'in the moment' and do the deed?

Is it because there were problems with the relationship to begin with and it was bound to end sooner or later?

I'm in the military and I love my girlfriend, she's in college, I'm obviously going to deploy sooner or later (already have a few times but not with a significant other back home) and although I trust her, the thought of 'college, parties, alcohol' destroy me about "what could happen" while I'm gone.

She has quit an extensive past with having 'been around' (though never cheating on a bf) and I believe she has got that out of her system so to speak and she's done with that lifestyle..


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