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Grouping, searching, filtering, FAST performance, print preview and formatting, etc, etc, etc. In the coming months I will try to talk about other areas that you can “outsource” to 3rd parties, where it makes sense.

Devexpress gridview rowupdating error

protected void lnk Btn Edit Upload Done_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { //File Upload === not working int index = Convert. Command Argument); File Upload upload Control = gd Approvals. Find Control("upload Corrected") as File Upload; if (upload Control.

Row Updating was meant for business validation allowing you to abort updates simply by issuing == In VB code - Private Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. The following code will get the instance of the File Upload control and save the uploaded file: protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) { File Upload file Upload = Grid View1.

File Name); } } The fact that it is inside Edit Item Template means you are editing so the most likely place is at Row Updating which is the final destination before the grid commits the changes to the database. To get the instance of the control you can hook up to the Grid View’s Row Updating event. Find Control("File Upload1") as File Upload; file Upload.

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In the current agile sprint for the dev team I manage, we decided to start replacing List Views (custom ones at that) and grids with the Xtra Grid from Dev Express.

Now, normally I shy away from 3rd party controls, or want to vet them, but I knew there was no way we could do the same functionality in the default grid in . One of the guys on the team did a story the sprint before to do a proof of concept comparing various grids and showing the pros and cons. NET work (Winforms, WPF, even Web/Silverlight) – it might make some sense to take a look at Dev Express.

Dev Express came out ahead, functionality and performance. We can use the new grid and functionality we couldn’t even begin to think of, is there by default. It makes it hard for us to digest all the possibilities in what we want to turn off, or how to integrate with existing forms, etc. Focus on your business rules and integrating other parts of your systems, not reinventing the wheel with a crazy custom grid.

In this article I will explain how to edit and update multiple rows in ASP. the Rows which are checked will become editable and user can update multiple rows on one single Update button click. If the Check Box is checked then the Label control in the Grid View Cell is hidden and the corresponding Text Box or Drop Down List is made visible.

First column containing the Check Box, second column containing a Label and Text Box for display and edit Contact Name of the Customer respectively and the third column containing a Label and Drop Down List for display and edit Country of the Customer respectively Here I am looping through the Grid View Rows and checking whether the Check Box is checked for that Row.

Here I am looping through the Grid View Rows and checking whether the Check Box is checked for that Row.

If the Check Box is checked then the edited values from the Text Box and the Drop Down List controls are added to the SQL Parameters and the record is updated in the database based on the Customer Id in the Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to Export a Grid View with Images or Pictures to Word Excel or PDF Formats in ASP. In this article the Grid View is displaying images stored on disk and th Hi, This is Mudassar Khan. Net Question Answer site, specially started to allow visitors of this site ask their doubts and queries. Just click the Ask Now button and ask your question now.


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