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A Swedish woman who tried to run out of a clothing store in a pair of stolen panties offered cops a really stinky excuse -- she said she had to put them on because she had the runs.

The woman, whose name was not released, went into a fitting room with five pairs of undies and emerged carrying only four, which aroused the suspicion of a clerk.

Cops arrived on the scene as the panty raider was walking out of the establishment, and, after a brief discussion, got her to admit the theft. A judge later fined her about 0 for stealing the drawers, which would have cost little more than a buck to purchase.

A Florida man is in jail after he was spotted showering naked with a garden hose on the grounds of a high school in Key West.

Why he felt the need to shower on school grounds is not known and it's not even important.

What's important is that three girls who were attending an overnight band camp at the school found him naked outside the the girls locker room at midnight and called police.

Officers arrived to find 33-year-old Paiboon Sunthroncharti laying on the track field.

He was soaking wet and said there were no signs saying he couldn't be there.

He denied being the naked man showering with the garden hose and tried to blame it on "two short Mexicans." He was charged with trespassing and remains in custody.

A car drove into a North Carolina house for the sixth time.

A homeowner in Raleigh, North Carolina lives in a house on the unluckiest corner of town and it's easy to understand why he's so fed up.

Carlo Bernarte has a huge mess to clean up because, for the sixth time since moving into the house in 2004, a car drove right through it.


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  2. The police have already checked all of the items that resemble string and have tested for luminol.

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