English sex chat ideas

I forgot to tell you, I had the best time last night! I have something to tell you I want to show you something I'd like to tell you about what happened this weekend... You won’t believe what happened You'll never believe this!

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Hold on, wait a minute Hold the phone, that’s not it I can say it again I did not understand.

I’ll tell you the first letter I'll try to say it another way It’s not on my device/board.

Let me rephrase that Let me say it a different way Let me think about a better way to say that Let me try again.

that wasn’t my final answer that wasn’t very clear, let me try again That’s not quite what I meant.

And that’s all that I have to say about that...

Let me tell you another story Let's change activities. Now let's talk about Okey dokey artichokey Se ya tomorrow. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya See you after lunch. hey there hi there ho there hey you Hey you guys Hey you with the feet! and then and then guess what happened and you know what else? I hate when that happens I hear you I see I understand no way Jose no way! that's nice That's slammin That’s SWEEEEEEEEET!


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