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CORS is mainly useful with unauthenticated endpoints (e.g.

Bitcoin price information) and OAuth2 client side applications.

Coinbase API supports localization for error messages and other strings.

To use the bearer token, construct a normal HTTPS request and include an header with the value of Bearer. All API key requests must be signed and contain the following headers: header MUST be number of seconds since Unix Epoch.

Your timestamp must be within 30 seconds of the api service time or your request will be considered expired and rejected. Coinbase API v2 supports cross-origin HTTP requests which is commonly referred as CORS.

We recommend using the time endpoint to query for the API server time if you believe there many be time skew between your server and the API servers. Note: You should never request API keys or secrets from other Coinbase users. This means that you can call API resources using Javascript from any browser.While this allows many interesting use cases, it’s important to remember that you should never expose private API keys to 3rd parties.To read more about the API, visit our API documentation.OAuth2 is recommended when you’re creating an application for others on top of Coinbase platform.This authentication provides a secure and easy to use authentication flow for users.OAuth2 requests must be authenticated with a valid access token passed as bearer token. API key is recommend if you only need to access your own account.


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