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In doing this, Bombs will only use Fire on you, not attacks. Swim towards the doors to the north and fight Geosgaeno.

So, when they do, it heals you, since Ifrit is a *FIRE TYPE*. After defeating it, search the southern part of the circular underwater area and look for a treasure chest containing the weapon.

So cast Boost on you and just use Meteor Strike or attack them until they die. : Godhand Input the airship password GODHAND to open a secret location at Mushroom Rock.

Sperimorph's attacks will heal Ixion, and if you keep using Aerospark you'll beat him easy. agency (Tell rin that your study is going okay) 15. Follow it to a small ruined lighting tower on the right side.

However, don't use Ixion's Overdrive, that will only heal Sperimorph. Press to send a bolt of lightning to the tower to reveal a treasure holding the weapon.

Easy Bomb Battles: When you have to fight Bombs (lil dudes that look like a ball of fire), summon Ifrit. : Onion Knight Return to Baaj Temple and dive underwater.

Defeat Penance: He appears after you beat all the dark aeons. For brake HP limit, you'll need 30 Wings to Discovery. Penance has 12,000,000 HP and his arms have 500,000 each. : Caladbolg Race and defeat the Chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands.

You can obtain these by winning a Chocobo race under Remiem Temple, having opened three chests. You should start with Hastega, and then use Wakka's Attack Reels or Aurochs Reels. Bevelle Temple (Must find immediately after the wedding) 23. After winning the race, walk to the upper northwest section of the Calm Lands.

If you are using Aurochs Reels, and if you stop all the reels on the aurochs symbol, a really really powerful attack will be used. The guard blocking a narrow pathway down into the gorge will have left his post, allowing you to pass.

However, Attack Reels is better since you could end up with a perfect attack, which means Huge Damage. All you really need to do is kill his arms as quickly as possible because he will use Judgement Day, which will pretty much level you. Tidus will then be able to use the Celestial Mirror to acquire Caladbolg.

If you really aren't in the mood for a long battle, then have Yojimbo use Zanmato. : Masamune Acquire the Rusty Sword, which is found on the eastern cliff of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands.

He will need to like you very much and you will need to have more than 2,000,000 gil to pay him. Easy Ifrit Battle: When you have to fight Bel-whats-her name, you have to use Valefor and she uses Ifrit, it's kinda easy to win the battle. Take the Rusty Sword to the statue of Lord Mi'ihen on the Mushroom Rock Road.


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