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In fact, the Sun doesn't savour any association with breasts other than titillation.

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In the UK, where breastfeeding rates are far lower than in any other European country, our squeamishness is epitomised by the 'bitty' sketches in Little Britain, where Geraldine James breastfeeds a fully grown David Walliams. The supermarket's view, now supported by a growing number of news vendors, is that since these magazines have become virtually indistinguishable from soft porn, then at least they should be removed from the mainstream.

Yet at the same time toplessness seems to be proliferating at epidemic rates, to the horror of first wave feminists like Rosie Boycott, who expressed her shock recently in the Daily Mail at the sheer number of bare breasts in the young men's weeklies like Zoo and Nuts. Twenty years ago, a similar concern prompted the MP Clare Short to mount her campaign against Page Three topless models.

Meanwhile, Natasha Walter in the Guardian welcomed the decision by Tesco to relegate men's lifestyle publications to high shelves in order to obscure those screaming cover lines: Naked photoshoots! She argued that they were an affront to women because their appearance in daily newspapers had forced pornography down from the top shelf and on to the breakfast table.

She was widely derided for her stance, and has ever since been the tabloid's favourite target of scorn.

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It's not often that you can accuse the Sun of sensitivity.

But it did display unexpected tact the day the front page was devoted to Kylie Minogue's breast cancer: it dropped the Page Three pin-up.

Presumably they didn't want to offend readers with any reminder that those pert, cheeky playthings can also harbour sinister hidden routes of dangerously connective hormones.

So perhaps to avoid falling into the same trap, Natasha Walter originally offered a different strategy.

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