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(#001) This page will help you understand some of the criticisms made against Esperanto.

For the moment, it contains only a subset of those I have heard.

I must acknowledge that the criticisms I had against the language vanished when I had a better knowledge of the language and the Eo culture.

Please ignore the text in green: it's internal communication.

: Why Esperanto is not my favourite Artificial Language.

Geoff collected a number of criticisms from various other sources.

He removed his page, due to the unfair attacks he had to suffer from some fanatics.

This is an attempt to moderate some extreme pretensions, in favour of or against the language, but chiefly against.

His page is archived at the original article was written in English, I found it fair to reply in English (or American on occasions). I am still wondering why people would spend so much time learning a language not to speak it.It would have been easier for me to write it in Esperanto or French. I suspect that they have the pretension to be able to do what nobody can do alone, without a large community of speakers: create a better language than Esperanto, or even more pathetic, to create the perfect language for all...To understand which attempts are bound to fail, and which might succeed requires a very good knowledge of Esperanto and of the evolution of languages.This is not something you acquire after reading the grammar and learning a thousand words.It is difficult to have an objective view about Esperanto.It is easy to confuse the language, the culture, with the propaganda made to stir people's interest.


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