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The Difference: Well, Seth and Ryan are two people obviously, and even though felt that combining them into one guy was a good plan, I think they work better as a tag team.

She’s out of control to the point where it becomes annoying for the show to keep having to use her insanity as a plot device.

Who’s Hotter: All girls think Serena is gorgeous, but despite her skinniness Marissa is the more breathtaking of the two.

Winner: Serena (GG: 1, OC: 0) Round 2: Dan Humphrey vs.

And as the show progressed the characters seemed to mimic their west coast counterparts pretty damn closely.

But ultimately which show did the best take on each archetype?

That’s what I aim to find out in this edition of Battle Royale. Marissa Cooper The Same: Rich party girls who lead lavish lives to the point of excess, haunted by their past mistakes, have a troubled home life and a rather slutty mom.

Fall in love with a boy from the bad part of town and begin a cycle of dating and breakups that last forever.

Ryan Atwood/Seth Cohen Yes, I’m using both, watch how the Seth/Ryan pieces amalgam into Dan.

The Same: Poor kids from a part of town that all the prep school kids scoff at ().


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