Great country dating songs

If you prefer, you can describe "someone else's" experience.(In 1979, Barbara Mandrell hit the top of the country music charts with this single about a woman who is having an affair with a married man. Both Lee Greenwood (1982) and Reba Mc Entire (1995) sang this sad song so well that you sympathize with the wife.

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Great country dating songs

Most people have at least one cheating story to tell — whether they've done it, seen it, or merely heard about it.

I'm gonna share with you a brush I had with a cheating partner, but I sure hope you'll return the favor.

When I was much younger, a purty young thang (who was even younger than I was) took a sudden liking to my steady boyfriend.

Quite by accident, I intercepted a gift meant for him — a nice t-shirt — and the love note that went with it.

Until then, I had no idea that there even was a third wheel in our relationship.

Rather than crying and making a mess of myself, I donned the offending apparel and marched right up to the corner drug store where the interloper was a part-time cashier.

I waited in her register line, ensuring she would be the one to ring my items up. But if you are cheating with him, then you can dang well have him because I got NO use for a cheater." Then I flipped my hair as only a young woman of a certain age can do and went to take care of business with that no good boyfriend.

As Miss Thang spotted my t-shirt, her eyes grew big. Please share your story of cheating in the Comments Section below.

She reminds him that when the affair goes stale, she'll be waiting at home. Sung from the pained perspective of the other woman, this is Sugarland's signature song (2007).

It was inspired by Reba Mc Entire's "Whoever's In New England" and Jennifer Nettles' desire to tell the other side of the story.

The mistress begins the song insisting that her married lover stay with her when his wife telephones.


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