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Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, and I am also fairly new with Igor, so my questions may look trivial.I have an Igor file with a time serie of random data.I need to plot them on Excel, but both softwares seem to handle dates differently (for example: 06/01/2011 gives 3389770151 in Igor and 40695,3674884259 in Excel).

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My simplistic approach was to set excel's default to 1904 system, divide Igor's value for 06/01/2011 by 86400 (secs/day) in excel and change the cell format to date/time.

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Is there a simple way to convert Igor dates to Excel dates?

Thanks for your help I'm not all that familiar with date/time operations, but a quick perusal of the relevant help docs shows that Igor date representation is based on seconds since midnight 1/1/1904 and excel for windows is based on days since 1/1/1900. Maybe it will serve as a starting point for you and maybe, most likely, someone will have a significantly more elegant approach.

You can change excel's default to days since 1/1/1904, but it is still base on days, with fractions of a day (obviously, I guess) represented by the fractional part of that value. PS The Igor value for 6/1/2011 AM should be 3389762951.

Also, apparently excel for the Mac is, by default, based on days since 1/1/1904.

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