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Xiao8 would start off in the support role, until ZSMJ and King J were replaced by Banana and Sansheng, delegating the offlane to Xiao8.

This team would go on to win The International 2014, despite almost being eliminated in the group stages.

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The name bestowed to one Zhang ‘ xiao8 ’ Ning by the Chinese community as he took over leadership of LGD.

The name is often misunderstood , as xiao8 ’ s tenure began during a particularly dark period of LGD ’ s history, coming in as part of the replacements for t he original For The Dream squad.

In Chinese Dota, when a team loses a n insurmountable lead they are named as actors putting on a play for dramatic effect.

Ju st as every stage production requires a director, so xiao8 became known as the man pulling the st rings behind LGD ’ s dramatic fall from grace.

Shaky results ushered the final vestige of the ol d, legendary carry player Gong ‘ ZSMJ ’ Jian, into retirement and with it gave over the reig ns of LGD fully to this new generation of players, presumably to end in disgrace soon after. Instead this brought ab out the renaissance of the LGD brand, as over the next two years xiao8 vindicated his nickname, winning over former critics.

Yet while LGD became a mainstay of Chinese Dota while other bra nds waxed and waned, they failed to become the true dominant force of their region.


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