Lil bow wow who is he dating now

"It's one of the most heartfelt records that I've ever done," Bow explained after appearing on "TRL" last week.

"It's about a certain relationship I was in, but how I feel about it now. I'm finally getting the opportunity to get that off my chest. And I'm just welcoming everybody into what's been going on from a year and a half ago until now with me.

That song is the one that really speaks, because it's about me getting someone out of my system to make me feel good, but it's hard to do that when you really like someone." Aside from tackling relationships, Bow Wow said he is aiming to impress a more diverse, older audience than the largely teen and female set traditionally drawn to his work.

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While on the red carpet, a reporter from This Is50asked Erica if Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, was her boyfriend. Neither have released a statement, but Erica has been retweeting those congratulating her on Twitter!

Just a few days before confirming the engagement, Erica sat down for an interview with No Judgment Zone w Blog Xilla on Sept. “I love working with him,” she said, “I’ve known him for so long, we always come together and work.

And it’s now that we’re finally at this mature stage more than anything, the great thing about me being around him is I learn so much for him.

Shad Gregory Moss, better known by his stage name Bow Wow (formerly Lil' Bow Wow), is an American rapper and actor.

As Lil' Bow Wow, he released his first album, Beware of Dog in 2000 at age 13, which was followed by Doggy Bag 2001.

Bow Wow‘s name used to have a “Lil” in the front, but there’s nothing little about this engagement ring!

The rapper, 27, and his girlfriend, Erica Mena, 27, walked the red carpet at the Hip-Hop BET Awards on Sept. There was no caption on the pic — and it didn’t need one! She showed off the amazing ring with diamonds and a purple stone while he showed off a very flashy Rolex watch. It’s a big deal.” Do you love her ring, Hollywood Lifers?

Like Usher, the teen rap star has come of age in the public eye and now that he's old enough, Bow finally wants to open up more about his private life — starting with his ex-girlfriend, Ciara (see [article id="1541563"]"Ciara Talks Single Life, Dreams Of Acting Like A Boy On Evolution"[/article]).

Though he didn't want to name names, Bow Wow was more than forthcoming when he hinted about the material on his upcoming album, The Price of Fame, due December 19 on Sony Urban Music/ Columbia Records.

In particular, the junior rhyme-spitter noted a track called "System," on which he admits to having difficulties getting past a relationship with a girl he once dated.

Bow was careful never to reveal her name, but a sly smile crossed his face when Ciara was brought up as the likely subject.


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