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“Kato had set himself up in fine style,” recalled model/actress Brittany in an exclusive interview in March 1995. was the ultimate betrayal – and he owed her the equivalent of four months’ rent when he left! Brittany says he used to brag about living in the mansion and even used it as a pick-up line, telling girls that he was an actor who was working on some film projects with Simpson – then asked if they wanted to meet him. J., Kato was quick to turn his back on his onetime pal. by refusing to give him an airtight alibi for the murders.“The door to his guest house opened onto a small patio next to the pool. ” The friend adds that Nicole became convinced that Kato was spying on her for O. “She believed he was trying to check out her lovers for O. “She never spoke to him again.” That was OK with Kato! In a series of bombshell audiotapes, he blabbed about how Nicole taunted O. over his waning sexual prowess and that the star grew angry the night. After Kato burst into the public’s consciousness off the back of those horrific events, Brittany accused him of coldheartedly cashing in on the deaths of Nicole and Ron Goldman.It was a tiny room, but cozy.” Brittany added that she was stunned when she spotted Nicole sun-bathing topless by the pool. to worry about.” But still, he flirted with her – and was even caught holding Nicole’s hand. and jumped at the chance to upgrade from Nicole’s place to a bungalow at the football legend’s million mansion. She says Kato – who has continued a sputtering career as a small-time actor – replied: “Life is short, doll face.

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But Brittany recalls him saying: “if she’s trying to seduce me, she’s going about it the wrong way. Football star Marcus Allen was also allegedly having a sneaky red-hot affair with his good buddy’s ex- wife Nicole – and the backdoor fling sent O. “At the very end, Simpson and Nicole were at war with each other, and I think Marcus Allen was the way she struck back at him,” said Petrocelli.

“Every time I spoke to witnesses close to Simpson, it always came back to Marcus Allen.” Marcus, now 56, and O. both starred at the University of Southern California.

Simpson was like a mentor to the younger running back, who was even more dashing than O. Despite his friendship with Simpson, Marcus and Nicole maintained a flirty relationship during her marriage.

Sources say it grew into something more after her divorce from O. “Nicole had started dating guys, and Marcus confessed that he’d always had a crush on her,” said one of the curvy stunner’s pals.

“They soon began a secret affair…and only a few of Nicole’s close friends knew about it.” Meanwhile, Nicole went through a string of lovers.

Still, sources say she continued seeing Marcus and Simpson until Allen met his future wife, Nike model Kathryn Eickstaedt.

However, barmaid Lysa Greer told a prosecution investigator she saw Nicole “all over” Allen during a wild night out in the bar area of L. It was about six months before Nicole was murdered.

“She was into coke and good-looking guys.” Meanwhile, she was still sleeping with Simpson because “the sex was incredible,” she wrote to her pal Cora Fishman. continued to hang ominously over the rest of Nicole’s life. But Kato’s former fiancée paints the wannabe actor as a cad whose head swelled with his “15 minutes of fame” and was quick to turn on his onetime friends O. “But our relationship ended because he was so mean and insecure.

However, there was a violent side to their trysts that Nicole found increasingly frightening. On June 7, 1994 – just a few days before her death – she sought protection at Sojourn center, a California battered woman’s shelter, telling staffers that Simpson was stalking her. In her safe-deposit box, Nicole hid pictures of her bruised face, excerpts from her diary and letters of apology from her abusive ex-husband – hoping the evidence would bring him to justice if he ever ended her life. He’s still both of those things, only worse.” Kato, now 57, became a big player in one of the nation’s most sensational real-life crime dramas after meeting Nicole in Aspen around New Year’s 1993.

Simpson’s Trial of the Century, his houseguest Brian “Kato” Kaelin captivated America with his good looks and boyish charm. “I loved Kato like no other guy,” said his ex- flame Brittany Mc Crena.

In the spring, he moved into a guesthouse on her property, paying her 0 a month in cash or baby- sitting duties for rent.


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