dating coach career - Mod myblog blogger not updating

I suggest you do the following changes in your template.Before you proceed, please backup your template by going to Click on Save Template.

I checked your blog and I see it uses Blogger Dynamic Templates.

Firstly, to solve the problem with the comments not showing under the post.

Your blog doesn't have a commonly used fix in the template (its absence has known to cause issues with sidebar not appearing, comment form not appearing, custom CSS not applying).

The main advantage on this Recent Posts widget is that it will show not only post titles, but also post excerpts or snippets, and it's easy to customize or apply different style on it.

To make it fit your own design, you will need to modify the CSS style - you can change the link or background color, the size and color of text/links.

When checking my Blogger account I can see that there are some comments on the posts.

Most have just one comment - which I'm sure are the "ping back" comment from me sharing the post on Google+.

However, one has 3 comments, but I'm unable to see them.

The "3" (1) is underlined and the cursor changes to a hand when I hover over it. I also noticed that when I click the "3" a shield icon (2) appears in the address bar.


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