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Mel Silver (father)Jackie Taylor (mother) †Kelly Taylor (maternal half-sister)David Silver (paternal half-brother)Sammy Taylor (nephew)Ruby Silver (niece)Adele Silver (paternal grandmother)Henry Silver (paternal grandfather) † Unborn baby † Erin Silver, better known by her surname Silver, is a main character on 90210 being portrayed by the actress Jessica Stroup.The character was originally introduced in Beverly Hills, 90210 as Kelly Taylor and David Silver's sister.

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However, this decision causes trouble between the two of them after Kelly saw that Erin was tired While Kelly and David are at the trial, Colin babysits for Erin while Jackie & Mel are away for the weekend.

Valerie tells Colin that Kelly spent the night with Brandon.

Colin refuses to believe Kelly's denial, but their argument is interrupted when Erin falls in the bathtub. In the season 7 finale, Erin graduates from kindergarten.

She published her own blog called The Vicious Circle, which she used to discuss intimate details (truth or fiction) about her peers at West Beverly High.

Silver and Naomi Clark used to be best friends but when Silver confided in Naomi about her fathers affair, Naomi told the whole school against Silver's will, ending their friendship.

=== Season 3 === After Erin was born, Kelly decided to stay in Beverly Hills instead of going to Paris with Donna because she wanted to help her mother care for her newborn sister.Erin is seen at the apartment where Kelly used to live.That night, she is seen when her father comes to pick her up.She is seen again after Mel left her with David before leaving for Mexico.David takes Erin to the Walshes' party where Jackie notices Erin and notices that she has a fever. David was supposed to be taking care of her, but he was passed out due to his drug addiction.Jackie is offered a chance for a mother\daughter photoshoot in a magazine article and took Erin instead of Kelly.

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