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Opera Labs HTML5 Parser The HTML5 specification defines a set of parsing rules for all markup, whether valid or invalid.Once all browsers have HTML5 parsers, the same markup will produce the same DOM across all conforming browsers.There are two main effects of this: - Java Scripters will sport cheerful grins and bouffant hair.

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The GOLD Builder is used to analyze a grammar and create the Compiled Grammar Table file used by the different implementations of the Engine.

This application contains a large number of features designed to make the development of your language a breeze.

These include the ability to create skeleton programs and the ability to interactively test a grammar.

Wie schon erwähnt, bildet der DOM-Parser das XML-Dokument auf einen DOM-Tree ab.Dieser Baum befindet sich im Speicher, und kann dort auch manipuliert werden.The Builder is used to read a source grammar written in the GOLD Meta-Language, produce the LALR and DFA parse tables, and, finally, save this information to Compiled Grammar Table file.The Builder Application runs on the Windows 32-bit operating systems which include, but are not limited to, Windows 9x, Windows NT and Windows XP.The application also contains a number of features which could have been implemented as different programs.Each feature was included to create an easy-to-use integrated development environment.

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