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A detective raced him, crossing several major roads and entering a housing commission block in Matraville.

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In May, as New South Wales detectives, federal agents and border force officers were advised by senior police that their work for Australia's leading waterfront crime taskforce would no longer be funded, one of the men they had arrested was preparing to plead guilty.

It is impossible to know whether stevedore and body builder Adam James Powell was involved facilitating drug importations for organised crime syndicates over the last decade.

When the 40-year-old was sentenced last week in the NSW District Court to three years and 10 months in prison, it was in connection to trafficking a relatively modest amount of drugs: a kilogram of cocaine worth A$275,000 (about NZ$293,000).

But law enforcement intelligence holdings paint a picture of a man who police suspect spent 10 years ruling his patch in Sydney's Port Botany, accessing government cargo information systems and using a "small, tight crew" of wharfies to help international criminal syndicates, including one led by one of Australia's most wanted men, breach border controls.

READ MORE: * Three arrested after NZ's biggest cocaine bust * Major meth bust a 'comedy of errors' * Soldiers discharged for drug offences With Powell's jailing last week – even if it was only for a kilogram of cocaine – police taskforce Polaris removed a suspected significant facilitator of organised crime on the NSW waterfront.

Powell's arrest on July 31, 2012, was more like a scene from The Bill rather than Scarface.

When the Porsche-driving wharfie realised Polaris detectives were approaching him, he bolted on foot.

Powell was a regular competitor in the Australian bodybuilding scene.

He came second in the over 100kg division of this year's Australasian Body Building, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships.

But police suspect Powell was also helping Ayik move drug-filled shipping containers past customs controls."There is a high probability that Adam Powell is a corrupt wharf worker who was involved in the importation of drugs through the Sydney ports...dating back as far as 2004," a police intelligence file states.

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