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Drawing upon intersectionality theories, this paper looks at potential biases in previous online dating literature towards white heterosexuals.

Using data collected from the online dating site, this paper performs a content analysis examining the relationships between race, gender, and sexuality as both independent variables and as intersections on impression management strategies in online dating.

Impression management strategies form a foundational core of how people interact with others in social situations.

This analysis focuses on impression management strategies by examining how people advertise their body type in a public arena.

Analysis also draws upon the types of bodies these people desire in an ideal date, as a second method of looking at the norms surrounding the ideal body type for a given group.

If it's a weight range, it's still inaccurate.

For example, I weigh over 150 lbs, but my phsyique (genetically) is incredibly muscular, and I wear a women's clothing size 6-8. Some men like their women with lots of curves, and others like waifs.

But at the end of the day, an accurate description will save everyone a lot of time and money while online dating.

Contrary to prior online dating and gender literature, findings also indicate a greater willingness of women compared to men to use terms that indicate their body might be overweight.

Theoretical explanations look at how positions relative to hegemonic power may be an overriding influence in the importance of body type impression management strategies.


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