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" He was referring to how near the warehouses are going to be to a residential area. He shook his head in disbelief and told me that in all his days he had never seen any thing like it and in any other part of the country there would be absolute hell on. "We are use to it." " The council could rape our wives, sell our children into slavery and we would still vote for the nest of %$&* who allowed this to happen." "I've got some more news for you." He said.

" Those two schools are going the journey." As he pointed to the nursery and Ropery walk infants & juniors.

So on that happy note I would like to award Seaham & Easington councils the Sly, Back stabbing, underhand, lying through your teeth award of skulduggery. Mr Slighty Miffed - Monday, October 01, 2001 at (PDT) I read with interest the comments from various contributors on the environment and behaviour of some that reside in Dawdon.

It is true to say that central and local government have attempted to invest in these areas with a view to revive the wellbeing of the communities in question. Mr Mason himself earlier described initiatives high on the agendas of local forums.

Personally, I contest the notion that vast sums of public money being "invested" in this manner is the solution to eradicating the social iils in Dawdon or other areas affected by high levels of unemployment,ill health,poor housing,crime or the low self esteem of these communities.

A recent survey on social inclusion strategies commissioned by Community Care was conducted in the 10 most deprived areas in Britain revealed one-third felt their financial situation had deteriorated over the past four years.

Mr Slightly Miffed, I am highly miffed, if what you say is true(and I dont doubt it) we should do something about it!

Howabout all us Residents "boning" our Councillers and letting them know they can't just ride roughshod over the wishes of the People whom they represent!

Seaham Resident - Monday, October 01, 2001 at (PDT) Yes Folks thats right!

Do not bother sending your children to Ropery walk school because it is going to be bulldozed.

The council & the dock company without any concern for you or your rug rats are going to knock it to the ground, and this is how they are going to do it...

Shortly after the the warehouses are operational, lets say for argument sake about 1 years time.


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