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Adams, David – Madison Courier article, 01/01/2000 Ahlmark, Myrtle Mae – Newspaper article 1/24/1990: Tempting Windows — City store was familiar sight. – 7 pages typed transcript of 1860 will of Alois Bachman, Sr.; photocopies undated newspaper obits for Mrs. Beerck (Bierck, Birk) Family – Twelve photocopied pages including newspaper obits and family tree from Philip Birk 1804-1843 and Peter Emmel 1809-1866.

Adler, Charles – Obituary ad from Madison Courier newspaper August 1, 2001 Alcorn, Merritt O. Andress, Kenneth & Family – Approx 30 page spiral bound book: A Matter of Relativity; being a treatise on the early life and times of Kenneth D. Beetem/Hall – 2 photocopied pages of photos: Elsie Hall Beetem, Sarah Elizabeth Beetem and Amos Showalter; 9 pages family group sheets: George Beetem, Adam Beetem; 8 typed pages One Family Beetem.

This index lists each folder in the Family History Files along with a brief description of the contents. ), and unidentified; newspaper article 12/29/2007: “Dr.

The easiest way to search the index is to use your browser’s “Find On This Page” feature which can be found in the dropdown menu at the top of your browser window. William Bear – Retiring optometrist shared his vision with others;“; Madison Courier articles, 01/01/2000 on Donald Bear and Oscar Bear Sr.; photocopy newspaper obit 2/23/1970; photocopy undated article from The Madison Democrat about Judge P. Bear; printout: notes on Perry Ellsworth Bear, Judge; three pages from Bible: undated marriage certificate for Mandana Bear and Edward L.

Enter just the surname you are searching and each occurance of that surname will be highlighted. Bear, births, and deaths; undated photocopy with three newspaper articles: Ernestine Hubbard Wed in Plainfield, Long Illness Is Fatal For Edward O. Bear, Jacob (1800-1852) and descendants – Spiral bound book The Descendants of Jacob Bear 1800-1852 compiled by Louise G.

By using this search method, you can also locate references to a surname that occur in other family files. Adams, Blanche Hall (2002.18 unclaimed estate papers) – Alphabetized loose leaf pages: Blanche Hall Adams Life History 1912-1930. – Election information Armstrong, Beverly Firth – Wedding photograph (40th anniversary) Madison Courier, 2/22/2002 Armstrong, Dave – Mayor of Louisville 1999-2002. Ash, Sonny – 1/2/98 newspaper article on baptism in river; 5/2/1998 Indianapolis Star article “Living History – A Vincennes man goes above and beyond to keep Indiana’s past alive and accurate.” *Ayers, Kathy” – Roundabout article, August 2000 Bachman, Alois Sr. Erekson 2004 (52 pages) Bear, Charles Romelus & descendants – Also see sheet: Digital photo album PO-023: Bear family photos; 5 pages family sheets, one handwritten.

Baxter Brothers – (Civil War Soldiers) 1927 short history of seven Baxter boys; photo; 1919 story from Indianapolis News; handwritten note on historical marker; 1919 story on Baxter reunion; ; handwritten note from Virginia M.

Baus, Matias – See Collection GC-0003 – Recorder’s Office Records for will. Barnes, Janice – Newspaper feature 12/12/2012: Uncovering History.Allen, Jacob & Helen – Burial authorization, civil war soldier, 1901 Alley Family – 22 typed pages by Robert Scott, 2007: from Erasmus Alley, Sr. – Photocopy of newspaper obit for Sr; Hanover diary of Jr. – Newspaper obit Mar 28, 1896 Alling, John – Original will dated 1835. Jan 18, 2003 Anselm, Brother – Newspaper article on search for grave. Photocopy of July 1845 Springdale Sexton’s Report Anderson, Woodson Henry Ancestry Census 1940, West Virginia Death Index Arbuckle – Copy of letter from Virginia Buck to J. Bellamy bio; 8 pages about and two color copies of Bellamy painting of mountain stream; undated newspaper article “Madison Born Frank E. Photocopies from book Iron Men, Iron Will by Craig L. Photocopies from History of the Sixth Indiana Regiment (27 pages). Bear and Lesetta Mouser 1884; pages from book compiled by Charles von Dietrich Knighton on Bear family; photocopies of photographs of Charles and Lesetta Bear and children(? Photocopies from 19th Reg Infantry, Indiana Volunteers, service records and handwritten letters (20 pages stapled). Partial copy of 8th grade paper “The Reflective Diary of a Fallen Hero” – includes bibliography. Photocopy of undated newspaper article: eulogy to Bachman by soldier; second of three part serialization in Composite Columns of fictionalized diary of Alois G. Beach, Betty – Transcript of interview by Mike Moore April 7, 1984, for St. Bear Family – Three pages genealogy beginning with John Bear, who received land grant 1814; photocopy marriage certificate Charles R. Backer, Frank – See Frank Baker Collection MC-0048 Bacon, James – Family group sheet James E. Heller re town in Ireland (she requested James Baxter file).


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  3. ” So, I wrote a whole bunch of short stories about growing up, and then I gave it to her. ,” and I was like, “Yeah.” She said, “You need to write this. ” And then, I directed a short, produced another short, and wrote this and that. But, I felt that I really got great performances, and I thought, “Okay, I can do this.” We had nobody. A lot of times, people think directing is how you can move a camera and how you can make big explosions. Did you think about that while you were writing it, at all? You have to go, “Okay, I want to do a stunt scene driving.” I wrote this scene where a truck jumps off into the cornfield and busts through a billboard that’s my face with a big thumbs up, but I couldn’t afford that. I love them, but I didn’t want this to just show at a small theater. It seems like a movie like this would have a lot of improvisation, but when you’re on such a tight schedule with such a tight budget, can you even allow for that? It would be a disservice to not let these gifts in the improvisational world not to improvise.

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