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Rapper Tyga and his boo Blac Chyna are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. Babies have a way of slowing good-hearted people down, so maybe Chyna will find another way of life. She just becomes a Non working broke stripper that has to depend on her baby daddy to take care of her. So these two BAFOONS named their son KING (from the STRIP Club they met at "King of Diamonds") and a city in AFRICA (Cairo, EGYPT) known for their CONFLICT DIAMONDS! Also heard of him but not that familiar, but is he really balling like that? #noshade When BLAC CHYNA retreats back to the LOCKER ROOM in the back of King Of Diamonds after a night of "HARD WERRK" and LETS the AIR OUTTA HER A$$, takes off that WIG, THEM LASHES, & MAKE-UP, she looks EXACTLY like.... Nice to know God looks out for fools and (their) babies. Robbie Suing Him -- "Outsiders Are Manipulating My Mother Into Selling Sweetie Pies! Rich Homie Quan Forgot (Or Didn't Know) The Words To A Classic Biggie Verse... » Juvenile Just Cut Up At The Waffle House -- Punches Customer For Allegedly Calling Girlfriend A Ho» HARPO, Who 'Dis Woman?!

The fact that your mama didn't get hit by a car and break her neck and DIE when she was pregnant with you just makes my eyes bleed! I.'s son name (so 7 years ago) and Cairo..in Cairo, EGYPT?? I also wonder if they are neighbors with the KARDASHIANS!

Obama won the debate tonight....1 more to go...he's gonna SLAM DUNK Romney's big head off the podium...................... search=Mega+toner CONGRATS to the PARENTS..KING is T. I wonder how many of "Blac Chyna's" FAMILY MEMBERS are living in that house!

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Hopefully the couple gives those racks and strip clubs a rest while they dote on this little cutie. King Cairo will surely have a nursery fit for his name as his pops just dropped $6.5 million on a mega-mansion in Calabasas, CA. + He’s Reportedly In Turks & Caicos To Celebrate Kylie’s 19th Birthday» The ESPYS Red Carpet Flooded With Couples Galore -- Teyana & Iman, Ciara & Russell, Ayesha & Steph, Gabby & Dwyane & More! "Ghostbusters" Star Looks FAB In Custom Christian Siriano Gown After Lack Of Support From Other Designers» BET AWARDS 2016 WHITE CARPET: More Fab Chicks – Lisa Raye (With Purple Hair), Yara Shahidi, Alicia Keys & More» BABY FEVER!

Its got 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, a movie theater, pool, spa, waterfall, sports court, and gym. She can work a pole like no other so before all you people commenting on how she shouldnt be allowed to have children b/c of who she is check your fav porn starts and see dont they have the same family life. He is going on tour with Nicki (international) is just a min. People so quick to point fingers and say what they wouldnt do but behind closed doors and in the real world yall shit prolly more fucked up then the avg.. DJ Envy & Gia’s Rooftop Baby Shower + Omarion & Apryl Celebrate Megaa’s 2nd Birthday With Backyard Bash» LET’S CELEBRATE!

Tyga must be raking in the dough with those strip club bangers. Grant & Tamia Hill, Magic & Cookie Johnson, Common, Chris Paul & More Have Fun At POTUS’ 55th Birthday Bash At The White House » Karrueche Shades Ex-Boyfriend Chris Brown After Run-In At Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Bash!The home measures 9,200 square feet and includes a gold-leaf entry dome, four fireplaces, a multi-station camera security system and an in-ground trampoline. + Check Out Who Was There» PRESIDENTIAL VACAY: The First Family Jets To Martha’s Vineyard For Some Family Fun» POLITICAL FASHION FACE OFF!His labelmate, who will now be Uncle Drake also lives in the area. Once the sexual attraction ends and after she had done every split, flip, bounce, suck and lick ever possible from her to him then what? It’s the largest and best club for seeking CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities. I’m serious.sgtesr I could say a lot of things but what I will say is congratulations to Tyga and his boo. Hope he can be able to juggle this and career, and hope the baby mama will not be trifflinnn. Glad they had a healthy baby; but SMH otherwise...a Dad whose lil body mimics a tiger's-literally; and a rump-shakin' momma with a God-awful weave amongst other things. The strip club would be SO EDUCATIONAL for this infant. » EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Memp Hitz Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove He's Never Hit A Woman» EXCLUSIVE: Tim Norman Speaks On Ms. I also uploaded my hot photos on ----Millionairetαg.com -----under the name of jeff1098.. Or was it those HORRIBLE colored toothpicks she applies & calls them lashes are so heavy she cant open her eyes?? I bet BOW WHACK sleeps in the BASEMENT on a BLOW UP MATTRESS!! I bet they'll bring the little one with them to the strip clubs so they can teach him how mommy started out before she came up (thanks to daddy) and how daddy wastes money on women like his mommy. » EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Toya Wright Learns Memp Hitz Sucked On Some Random Girl’s Fingers In The Club! was it because u thought that God awful wig was her hair? So MAYBE just MAYBE you will get hit by A car and DIE tonight or in the Morning will work just fine for ME;-) Such harsh words my friend. Did your layaway order get cancelled today because you were late making a 5 dollar deposit for the 7th time, or did you finally come to the conclusion that you're worthless? I'm surprised Tyga can AFFORD that house (I only know his song "Rack City") I doubt he will have it for long!

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