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The bottom line was that the song didn't showcase Ryan's talent as a songwriter and it got in the way of appreciating his vocals.

Don't f' it up."At the meeting, Machine showed interest in Ryan's experience in Iraq, knowing it could be inspiration for Ryan's music and that it could produce compelling results.

He mentioned the movie "We Were Soldiers" as an example of a high-quality, dramatic piece that was inspired by combat.

Machine then said to Ryan, give me one thing that will sell you and endear you to everybody. ") Ryan, incredibly, turned to Chet and asked for advice on song selection.

In episode three of Real World Brooklyn, Ryan Conklin pursued his plan to make a song recording during his time in New York.

Because the phone calls and written arrangements between BMP, MTV, music managers and music producers isn't very exciting to watch on television, the show had Ryan and other cast members go to Angels & Kings lounge where he 'happened to' meet manager Doug Newman from Crush Management.

From that encounter, he got an appointment to meet with music producer Machine.On the day of the meeting, Ryan and sidekick Chet Cannon left to go meet Machine.Chet, the never-to-be music mogul, picked his own favorite, "The Tampon Song".Apparently, Chet doesn't follow his own advice not to f' it up.Going along, Ryan felt compelled to explain that the song was written while drinking with army buddies, enjoying a "drunk escapade".Not a song coming from a tragic experience, but rather a song that could create one. You would want to cheer for him, if you were able to block out the subject matter.

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