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He would be on a trip for a week sometimes two at a time. I used to think being on the road would be awesome.Other than missing the family, which I understood as being a big deal, the rest I thought must be great.Traveling to different places, meeting new people, staying in hotel rooms, eating out. When I was a senior in high school, there were a bunch of colleges I wanted to visit.

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I could see the sacrifice he was making to provide for our family. My empathy grew, and when he spoke, my ears were a little more attentive. When they graduate high school, they will leave our day-to-day influence and there is a lot to say before then.

It was a chance to be in his world for a couple of days and see firsthand what it was like. Experiencing things like that together build a deeper relationship. Here are 7 father-son activities you must do with your son before he graduates. Be there with him as he sets his eyes on where his home will be when he moves out. Time in the car and in hotel rooms will give you the opportunity to talk.

It will also facilitate discussing the emotions (fear, excitement, sadness, happiness) that he is feeling about this next step in his life. Bear Grylls hosts a show called who was afraid of heights.

One of the first things Grylls had him do was rappel down a 400-foot cliff. Grylls relayed the tales of World War I survivors who said that the men who cried before battle were the ones who acted the most heroic because they were facing their fears.

So we combined the two and I hit the road with him.

I’ll never forget the views of the Virginia mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway or how much fun it was to be with my dad.

However, the thing I remember most of all was how long and tiring the days were for him.

Outwardly he was upbeat, but I could see the wear and tear.

Give him a trip where you both face fears and accomplish something difficult.


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