Ski dating

You have just added this game to "From my List" box.

For example, you will find selected "Play Later" games in the list below the game you play, like shown on the picture below: Please sign in or register, so you can have full access to "From my List" box through User Control Panel It is winter now and it is the right time to prepare for a nice winter weekend and go to some of the nearest ski resorts.

But you know that every season is different from the others and you need some appropriate clothes and equipment.

That's way you should have a special list of things that are necessary for a winter holiday.

If you have not prepared yet, you should start immediately.

Look at yourself in the mirror and start making the list.

First you need some warm clothes like a woolen sweater and a pair of pants made from some material that will keep you from the cold weather. Then you will certainly need a pair of winter woolen socks and a woolen ski cap.

Don't forget to take a scarf to keep your neck from the cold north wind.

But if you plan to go skiing you should not forget to take your skis and the special ski helmet.

If you prefer more extreme sports you will also need a special ski suit, skiing goggles, ski boots and many other items.

You are one hell of a skier but now, maybe you would like to try the snowboard. To have an unforgettable holiday and great time there you should invite some friends. Game walkthrough: Don't forget that friend in need is a friend indeed! Oxana's room is full of sports equipment but now she needs only those that are especially for winter sports.

There is nothing better you can think of than a good company. Your friend Oxana is so in love and now she needs your help. There are many dresses, shoes, a basketball but you don't need them now.

You called your friends and they accepted the offer. Before they go skiing Oxana and her boyfriend agreed to take a cup of coffee at the ski resort Cafe. If she arrive on time at the cafe, you should take care she and her boyfriend to be alone and don't allow anybody to bother them.

But you know that there is some guy who is constantly looking at them and it seems that he is jealous of their love. While they are totally preoccupied with one another, you should remove every possible obstacle that might stay on their way. And don't forget to pay for the coffee, because the waiter might get angry!

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