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Average Open Rate shows an average of all the open rates from every campaign you have sent to the list.

Average Click Rate shows an average of the click rates from every campaign you have sent to the list.

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This page contains a general summary of your list's health, activity, and performance, so you can see how a list performs over time, and not just per-campaign. On the Stats Overview page you'll find basic statistics about your list, including average opens and clicks, total subscribers and unsubscribes, and location information.

Additional information is available on the Social Profiles and Tweet Trends pages, if you have those integrations set up.

Click The list performance section offers an overview of the list's subscriber activity, presented in a table.

Click the linked number for any of the available stats to see which email addresses fall into each category.

hi, I ma using office scan on server 2003 and clients of winxp, my clents are not updating automatically even i configure server and client for hourly update.

Clear the cache of the Office Scan server and any proxy in your network.

Refer to the following page for the complete solution:

Each time you send a campaign to a list, Mail Chimp stores performance statistics in the Lists section of your account.

Total Unsubscribers is the total number of unsubscribes for the list since it was created.

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