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But that GSV thing spins around to much and doesn't aloud you to enlarge the image.

So I made a screencapture of the Google Street View to compare the columns with the other picture (I thought they look the same, but I had to check to be sure).

And I save it (I save everything I do in this dang computer, out of habit, I suppose).

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RE 1: Let me see if I can explain without giving too much information away (sorry, I know that sound pedantic and stupid, but after Keanu's problems with stalkers one can't be precautious enough with the info).

I just highlighted that sentence and run a search (you know, the more precise the phrase you place on your search, the better results you get). And Google Street View gives you like four or five options to see the street (I hope you know how GSV works, you can spin around the camara and everything, and you see a threedimensional picture of the street).

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