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Luckily, George Resiner who was one of the most advanced archaeologists of his time, won the concession for Menkaure's pyramid when archaeologists drew lots for excavating Giza on the balcony of the Mena House Hotel in 1899.He knew beforehand that this pyramid, though small, could provide some rich finds because his assistant, Arthur Mace, had reconnoitered the site.

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Pyramid Index / Giza Menkaure apparently intended for his pyramid on the Giza Plateau to be the last of that specific area of the Memphite necropolises which it is, as well as being the smallest.

The valley temple lies at the mouth of the main wadi, closing what had been the principal conduit for construction materials brought to Giza for three generations.

Named "Menkaure is Divine", the pryamid was thought by some Greeks, according to Herodotus, to belong to the Greek hertaera Rhodopis.

Manetho thought that it belonged to Psamtik I's beautiful daughter, Nitokris.

Layout of the whole pyramid complex The Valley Temple The reconstruction of Menkaure's valley temple is more difficult than any other element within his pyramid complex.

The west part of the limestone block base and lower part of the core of the temple's north wall were probably completed during the ruler's lifetime, while the remaining clay masonry would be attributable to his son, Shepseskaf.Just behind the portal to the temple there was a square antechamber adorned with four columns.Artist's impression of the main pyramid complex Diodorus Siculus first described the inscription that bears the name of Mykerinos on this pyramid, but it was not until Vyse in 1837 that anyone actually entered Menkaure's pyramid.He began by investigating its substructure by following a tunnel dug earlier by Caviglia out of a breach in the north wall.The original entrance was not discovered until later.Surprisingly, Lepsius paid almost no attention to this pyramid, and even Petrie worked on it for only a short period in the 1880s.


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