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We have both been very busy at our regular jobs, so progress has unfortunately been a tad slow.

But, at least by now, most of the clutter has been de-clutterfied, and it is time to pick out a color palette, or perhaps just one paint color for both the walls and ceiling. Here is a quick peek at the mostly de-cluttered basement. The so called “walls” have to come down, which won’t take long, but I want to get my paint color picked out and be done with that part of it. I pinned this project a while back, one because I simply loved the lights she made, and two because the wall in the background is part of my inspiration. I’m not an expert, but I think it’s called California stucco, and I have fond memories of seeing plenty of walls like these from all the visits I made to California to see my relatives throughout the years.

Yes that is Ken at his workbench, and yes, this is as close to being de-cluttered as we are going to get until the work days arrive. I found an inspiration photo to help me make my choice. Now, to translate some of this look into the basement while keeping a little of my prairie state in mind, that is my goal.

Here is a shot from the “laundry room” if you will, because to qualify this as a “room” with the way the walls were originally put up… I’m off to pick a color: By using , I was able to pick a room, pick my color choices, and then apply them to the screen shot to see what a room might look like in that paint color/ colors.

Paint color option 1: Walls – Castle Stone Ceiling – Castle Stone Paint color option 2: Walls – Cup of Tea Ceiling – Castle Stone Paint color option 3: Walls – Quiet Veranda Ceiling – Quiet Verands Paint color option 4: Walls – Cup of Tea Ceiling – Quiet Veranda They all look so similar, right? I’m hoping that once I choose one of these combinations, I won’t look back.

Yes, I should take a sample color home and try it on the walls, but truthfully, these are so close already, they’re neutral enough, it’s only my basement, and we’re hoping to move anyway; so I really just need to move forward and get this basement project underway, having said that, I loved using the online tool from Behr.

I can’t believe how easy it was to narrow down my color options. I just wanted to tell anyone who will listen how it has made my life easier this passed weekend.

I am starting to get excited about fixing up this horrendous basement!!

Thank you for stopping by and for letting me know which color option you would choose if you happen to leave a comment.

A popular method for covering up ugly wood paneling, painting it white quickly brightens up a space and gives the boards a cute cottage vibe.

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