updating an old motorcycle - Updating deployment share and boot disk

Windows Deployment Services is the best way to start the Windows PE boot images on lab computers.

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Deployment Workbench stores these boot images in the deployment share's \Boot folder.

After you have updated the deployment share and generated Windows PE images, you can add the image file to Windows Deployment Services.

If you want, you can burn the Windows PE images to CD or DVD media by using third-party CD/ DVD-burning software.

You can also perform additional customizations of your Windows PE images.

For example, you can customize the background bitmap, add additional directories, and increase the scratch space size from its default value of 32 megabytes (MB) up to a maximum of 512 MB if needed.

To learn more about customizing Windows PE, see the Windows Preinstallation Environment User's Guide for Windows 7 in the Windows AIK.Updating a deployment share causes Deployment Workbench to update its configuration files, source files, and Windows PE images.The Windows AIK 2.0 comes with Windows PE 3.0, so no additional files are necessary to create Windows PE boot images for MDT 2010.When you update your deployment share in the Deployment Workbench, MDT 2010 automatically generates the following custom Windows PE images (here platform is x86 or x64): You don't need to manually customize Windows PE to add network interface card (NIC) device drivers to it.Deployment Workbench automatically adds the NIC device drivers that you add to the deployment share to the Windows PE boot images.You have the additional option of automatically adding video and system device drivers from the deployment share to the Windows PE boot images.


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  3. Windows Deployment Services is the best way to start the Windows PE boot images on lab computers.

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