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When I had did some price comparisons, I discovered to get reasonably nice looking cabinets, I was looking at around 0 per linear foot.Needing about 30 or so linear feet, you can gather that I was looking at about 00 or more in cabinetry alone.

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Over time I will be interviewing other DIY'ers and kitchen cabinet professionals, looking for all the secrets on how to build kitchen cabinets.

Learn more One way to rejuvenate out of date kitchen cabinets is to find new kitchen cabinet handles to replace your current ones.

Also, find great in cabinet options to moderize the usage of your kitchen cabinets too.

When it comes to updating a kitchen, many of us consider new flooring, chic new appliances, a trendy backsplash and perhaps a few new décor pieces to spice up the space.

However, when designing a new kitchen it is extremely important to consider the In addition to taking up a large portion of the space, this job can likely be one of the most important (and expensive) investments in any home.

One thing to keep in mind is that your kitchen cabinets do not necessarily need to be fully replaced.

To save time and money, you may want to consider refacing instead of replacing.

There’s no shortage of kitchen cabinet supply stores, but there seems to be a shortage of information on choosing the right parts.

Here you’ll not only find great handles and hinges to update your current kitchen cabinets, you’ll also find great info teaching you about these parts.

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