Updating knotty pine cabinets Free peron video chat

Nothing would be worse, than spending all this money, chosing not to do a primer, and the paint just peeling off. This is the latex paint that I chose to cover the primer --Chantilly Lace in a pearl finish.

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When fact of the matter is: Old wood, including knotty pine, in old houses can be absolutely *charming*.

— any modern-day decorating powers-that-be who want us to believe that the old paneling in old houses is absolutely *hideous*.

Just ask all the readers over on my main blog Retro Renovation, who have embraced their knotty pine kitchens, dens, sun porches, basements, bedrooms — bathrooms, even: Knotty pine wherever they find it in their vintage homes.

They are adding lots of retro touches — barkcloth curtains, braided rugs, tiki lamps, nubbly sofas, retro wallpaper, whatever — having a blast in their warmy, comfy, cozy, happy spaces.

They’re also saving lots of money, too, by avoiding unnecessary renovation expense.

Yes: You have permission to love the knotty pine in your home, without apology. So take your shoes off, pull up a chair, and let’s learn all about the knotty, together, right here on this friendly little website. Above: That’s Betty Crafter in her gorgeous knotty pine kitchen, respectfully restored.

Since the knotty pine has a coat of polyurethane on it, this primer is essential to act as a barrier for the latex paint.

Without the primer, the paint wouldn't stick and the knots would bleed through the paint.

This keeps the knots from bleeding through once you put your first coat of primer on.

The primer dries very quickly and is very thin, so although it was an extra step, it wasn't too bad.

My hubs wanted to replace the existing doors, but I felt like the doors had great bones and they even still had the original glass knobs on them. (I just gave you a hint of my theme.) The doors were also given a little coat of Chantilly and I still feel like I made a good choice. This little cottage is also getting a NEW fabulous kitchen. You won't want to miss the kids room and some special projects for the master and bathroom/laundry room.


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