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This event is free and open to people who want to meet other like-minded agricurious folk who are a part of the good food movement and will be held at Earth Dance Farms located in the heart of Ferguson. The Rundown At pm, there will be a brief tour of the farming operations.

From farms to college campuses, singles are lining up to dig up some romance. Think speed dating but instead of sitting across from each other at tables, you meet each other in bed — a garden bed, that is.

Here’s how it works: Lines of men and women face each other across a row of vegetables in need of some TLC. After a set amount of time, either the men or women move down to the next partner.

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Weed dating first made an appearance at a Northeast Organic Farming Association NOFA Vermont event in 2010 and since then other farmers have organized their own meetups as far away as New Zealand.

In addition to providing some volunteer farmhands, the events have been used as fundraisers, neighborhood mixers and outreach for the host farm.

Farmers, like participants, are drawn to the somewhat silly nature of the event. As for the event itself, there’s very little required besides a turnout and some weeds to pull.

It beats speed dating in a couple ways including the fact that this event is free to the public.

Also, instead of awkwardly nursing a cocktail, you’ll naturally find yourself a whole lot more comfortable getting down and dirty. No farming experience necessary but be open to having fun and getting in the dirt!

Plus, you know what they say…you can tell a lot about a person by the way they weed. Each person will be identified by a colored tag to distinguish their status.

You’ll be paired in a quick one-on-one weeding session with a potential romantic interest and move from one row to the next, meeting someone new every 5-10 minutes.

Our first weed dating event of 2014 to be held on July 17th!

Weed dating was a great success at the farm last year. Because response was so positive to the three sessions last year, we are doing it again.

Get in the dirt and meet that special someone on Thursday, July 17th!

Speed dating has been around since the late 90’s, but weed dating is only something that has sprouted up across the country in the last few years.

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