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“‘Model’ is the loosest word there is, except for ‘prostitute,’” former ‘50s supermodel Gita Hall told FOX411. But that was a whole different era, what can I tell you.” The gorgeous redhead – who recently settled a lawsuit with the producers of “Mad Men” for using her image without permission in the opening of the show – is dismayed by the prevalence of celebrities in fashion magazines.

“The sad part is because of these actresses or would-be actresses or whatever they are, they take away the livelihood of real models,” declared Gita.

They don’t belong on the cover of Vogue.” Gita added that at 5’8”, Ali doesn’t have the height required to be a proper model and wondered if Kendall had the right figure for the job. Unfortunately, what has happened to the business is that girls starve themselves and they find out later in life that it effects the bones and other things in the body.

But of course, they’re young, they don’t think of the future.” New York-based photo director Greg Garry, who has worked with both Kim and Lindsay, also questioned the younger siblings’ status as models.

“I wouldn’t take them seriously as real models, because are they being booked by anyone? “They’re cute enough girls, they’re both pretty and all, but I mean, I don’t think clients actually book them to be in a fashion show or an ad.

The Hollywood Gossip staff gives Ali Lohan seven months until her first DUI. With the younger sister of Lindsay Lohan making it no secret that she's addicted to fame and fortune in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the future is far from bright for this hopeful celebrity.

This can't be good: Ali Lohan is following in the footsteps of older, troubled, skanky sister Lindsay Lohan. It may seem innocent enough now, but just wait until Ali has had a few drinks and then gets into a car.

Or every other guy who can stand upright gets into her.

The wonderful train wreck Lindsay Lohan and her sister, Aliana Lohan (who goes by Ali) are collaborating to bring you a white trash Christmas album, Lohan Holiday.

Ali Lohan and Lindsay Lohan Monday 26th July 2010 Ali Lohan leaving Lynwood Correctional Facility after visiting her sister Lindsay Lohan who is serving a 90 day jail term for breaching her parole orders Lynwood, USA (2 Pictures) View All: Ali Lohan and Lindsay Lohan Monday 26th...

Kendall Jenner – Kim Kardashian’s little sister – recently posed in a very revealing mesh shirt for photographer Russell James, not long after her 18th birthday.

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