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Serena Williams said Maria Sharapova “showed courage and heart” for taking responsibility for a failed drug test at this year’s Australian Open.Sharapova said in a news conference on Monday that she took meldonium, a drug that was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency this year.

NFL defensive ace JJ Watt denied dating Caroline Wozniacki despite being snapped getting cozy with each other in the past few weeks.

If there's one celebrity that he would like to date, however, it would be Justin Theroux's fiancée Jennifer Aniston.

Over the past few weeks, JJ Watt have been pictured together like during the Duke-Wisconsin championship game and also the Wimbledon where she was booted during the early rounds. "I want a girl who's passionate, driven, a girl who believes in herself.

But when the 6-5 athlete was asked if he's dating Caroline Wozniacki, he told E! Basically, I want that relationship where we have that love.

NEW YORK -- Neither Serena Williams nor Caroline Wozniacki rushed to the defense of Maria Sharapova, who on Monday announced she failed a drug test at the Australian Open."I think any time we take any medication, we double- and triple- and quadruple-check, because sometimes even things like cough drops and nasal sprays can be on the [banned] list," Wozniacki said Tuesday at a news conference ahead of her Madison Square Garden match with Serena Williams.

"As athletes we really always make sure there's nothing in it that is prohibited."Sharapova, 28, a five-time Grand Slam champion and former No.

1, claims she neglected to read the updated list of banned substances sent by anti-doping officials in December.

News, "I'm single." He also admitted that his schedule is "so crazy" that it's very difficult to find somebody to date who understands his situation. I love her so much and she loves me so much, that it's just.

"Trust me I want to find a wife, I want to have kids. You want that relationship where you look into the girl's eyes, and you know that she's everything you've ever wanted. " It seems JJ Watt was describing Jennifer Aniston, and it would make sense as the NFL athlete admitted that he has a huge crush on the "Cake" star.

Caroline Wozniacki's rumored boyfriend also recounted the first time he met Jennifer Aniston. She's always been my celebrity crush, there's no secret about that." He said.

"I'm not even going to try and pretend that I acted cool during this moment because I was anything but cool." "I got butterflies. I don't get nervous meeting people, and I got nervous meeting her," JJ Watt said.

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